Kira, a senior at Brigham Young University, is deeply immersed in the study of Public Relations, emphasizing both academic pursuits and extracurricular engagement. Notably, she actively participates in the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), where she expands her industry knowledge and practical skills through workshops and networking. Alongside PRSSA, Kira’s commitment to holistic growth is evident as she engages in various campus clubs, cultivating a well-rounded college experience enriched with meaningful connections.

Kira’s passion for Public Relations lies in its potential for innovative thinking and positive relationship-building. She envisions a career where she can seamlessly merge her creative talents to craft compelling visual and digital content for diverse social media platforms. Simultaneously, she aspires to orchestrate multifaceted multimedia campaigns that resonate with audiences, inciting impactful conversations and engagement. Beyond communication, Kira’s goal is to leverage her expertise to influence public opinion, using strategic communication as a catalyst for inspiring change and reshaping perspectives. As Kira nears graduation, her narrative stands as a testament to her dedication to comprehensive growth and her fervent desire to contribute significantly to the field of PR and its wider impact.